Peer Review Process in the Public Sector

The Peer Review Process is an initiative which has been implemented on foot of a Government Decision dated 11th Oct 2005. The Process is applied to major ICT projects in the Irish public sector.

Peer reviews provide assurance that a project can progress successfully to the next stage. More realistic time and cost targets will be secured, knowledge and skills in the public sector will be improved, while those managing projects will get timely, independent advice and guidance.

Reviews are carried out at key decision points of a project, including: the business case; the preparation of the RFT and subsequent tender evaluation exercise; the proposed contract; project initiation; other key milestones in the project cycle asĀ  determined by the funding authority and/or the peer review group; and at the project close-out stage.

The Peer Review Process does not override the ultimate decision making and the concomitant accountability arrangements of the sanctioning authority and/or sponsoring Department.